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Busy, Productive and Fun!

These are some of the blocks I pieced last weekend. They are part of a surprised project I hope to finish soon.

It was a very busy, productive and fun weekend. We are in a process of moving my frame to a different room. It was lot of work to clear the space and move the furniture around. We cleared the space, now we have to move the frame. I did a lot of cooking as well. Buffalo chicken wings and double baked potatoes were on the menu. Here I blogged about those recipes.

We woke up to this seen on Saturday. My husband did most of the shoveling and I helped a bit too. We got about 8″ of snow, that is much better then what our friends in Philadelphia got, about 27”.

This a view from my sewing room window. I am getting better at taking pictures trough the window. I love sunsets! I guess that was the calm after the storm!
Happy sewing!

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Wedding Aniversary and New fabrics

Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

This is a picture we took on a walk the other day. I think it is a neat picture with our shadows.

I just loved this gazebo we saw on our walk. Looks so peaceful.

This is my present my lovely husband surprised me with few days ago. I did needed new speakers for my laptop, but those are fancy ones.

We had a sewing night with my friend Heather and he came back with this box wrapped in fabric. I was very surprised!

My husband is very sweet, he even said I can go buy more fabric! So I went to my LQS “Happy Sewing Room”. I just love this line with birdies called Hopscotch, from Red Rooster Fabrics.

This ones are Henry Glass called Meet Me in the Meadow.

I had to get some of this poppy fabric too!

I got inspired by new fabric and I design a quilt, but it’s a still work in progress.

Have a great weekend!

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Project Runaway – All Stars

I watched Project Runaway – All Stars tonight and my favorite collection was the one Uli Herzner made. I loved her original designs and colors! She is a great designer and she should have won before.

The show is inspiring me to finish some of the clothes I have in my closet that I started. I have been quilting and forgot all about designing and sewing clothes and I also miss my mom. She was my personal fitter, since it’s hard to fit yourself.

Did you watch the show? If yes, who was your favorite and did you like Uli’s designs?

Happy sewing!


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Thank you !

Thank you friends for your nice and very supportive comments!

I made some sugar cookies for Mom mom’s Birthday yesterday and please have a cookie as my Thank you to all of you! 🙂 They are great with coffee and I used half sugar, half splenda.

We have a lovely weather so far here in PA and my flowers are blooming!

I love my Violets, it’s like a sea of Violets!

These are yellow gladiolus, they always get so tall and fall over 🙂

I plant daisies last year but they didn’t bloom and this year they surprised me.

I decided to have planters on the front porch and got these new seeds, aren’t they pretty. I am not sure what are they called.

Thank you friends and I hope you enjoy the tour of my flower garden.

Happy summer!

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RIP Chuck!

It has been two sad weeks. We lost very suddenly a great friend Chuck Cuthbert.
He was always is a good mood, had a great smile and ready to help. He sent me a question on the day he past away, I won’t get to answer him.
He went above and beyond in everything he did! We went bowling for New Years Eve and he went to check about 20 places and gave us a report and his 3 picks! He didn’t have to do that, but he did it anyway!

Chuck helped us move and then he offer to help us tile our bathroom.

Chuck served our country in the army and he was about to be promoted to a Major.

Chuck loved his wife and Heather was the love of his life!

This is the hardest post I wrote.

Rest in Peace Chuck!

P.S. I got back to sewing so I will be posting my latest projects soon.

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Would You Like To Win a Quilt Pattern?

My wonderful blogging friend Tammy is having a Giveaway!

She join me on the Pay it forward, but only 2 people sign up with her. She is so creative that she is doing a giveaway this pattern for her third pay it forward present!
I have to confess that I didn’t send any of my gifts, yet! There are sneak previews on her blog of the gifts Tammy sent. They look amazing! She is very talented! Go have a look and leave a comment to enter!

She is giving away this pattern!

Good luck with the giveaway!

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It’s Summer!

Going to the beach is one of my favorite summer activity! We went to Ocean city, NJ last weekend. There is a famous Bulgarian song that says: ” …and it smells like a sea …” I love the smell of the ocean!

What makes a walk on the boardwalk even more enjoyable? Maybe a stop at a quilt shop before that?
We found a quilt shop in Ocean city, I got these fabrics:

Don’t they say: It’s summer!?

Enjoy your summer!

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