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My homemade Design Wall

Here it is – my first design wall! I wanted one and my DH helped me build it. Thank you hubby!

I found this lovely tutorial on Karen’s blog. You can find the link to a Small Design wall here and for a Large one Here . Thank you Karen!

Here is how we made mine. We used 1/2” pipes, 2 x 90 degree elbow corners and 2 x T -shape pieces, pipe cutters and pencil for marking the pipes.

It is more easy then you think. I made my wall square, my husband cut 4 pieces of the pipe the same length – 36 ”. He used a pipe cutter.

Then you can assemble the frame with the 2 elbows and 2 T- shape pieces.

All the pieces he used are leftovers from a pluming job.

Now you need to sew the fabric. I used white felt. I made a sleeve and put the pipe trough it.

I cut the corner so I can sew the left sleeve. After I sewed the top and the left side I custom fitted the frame for a tight fit. I marked 2” from the pipe and pined it so I knew where to sew.

I used little stitches.

……. and Voila you have a Design wall!

The quilt on my Design wall is called “Triple Crown Quilt” by American Jane Patterns. I got the felt and the pattern at my MIL shop “Happy sewing room“.

Happy sewing!


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