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Wedding Quilt and Bedroom Curtains

I made curtains for my bedroom. My mom send me this lace fabric, but I didn’t get around to sew them until now.

When we moved to this house I made curtains for the living room, kitchen, my sewing room and now the bedroom. The bedroom took a major renovation. It had a pink carpet and pink stripe wallpaper that was kind a cute, but the hubby didn’t like it :). So we had to strip the wall paper, and we got a new carpet and we paint it. Thanks to our friends Chuck, Heather and Bret for their help! My hubby let me pick the colors and I love them. It has a two different colors on the opposite walls. Here is a picture of the quilt on our bed now:

I started this quilt before our wedding. The fabric was a gift from my mother-in-law. She helped me pick the fabric, but my color choices were based on my favorite color green and my husband’s orange. They go together so nice! :)) What is on your bed?

Happy Sewing!


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