Happy New Year, Old and New Projects

I wish everyone a healthier and happier New 2010 year!
I want to start the new year by showing this Snow men Quilt I pieced last year! :)) I had a lot of fun piecing it and I got a lot of practice measuring borders. Sorry for the blurry picture, I had my camera not on the right setting and I should take a better picture.
I also made a case for my new cell phone Droid that I love! The case is very practical as I can wear it on my wrist while caring stuff to my sewing room. It has a different fabric for lining.
Holidays for me are a lot of baking! I made this Coconut cream pie for Christmas. It was my first time baking a Coconut pie. I used a pie crust that I baked for the shell. It was pretty good, especially the fresh toasted coconuts on top.
Toffee Blondie desert that I called Brunetty, because I used part dark brown sugar instead of light.

And my favorite desert that I made for New Years Eve party was my Mom’s famous Bulgarian Baklava. Everyone that had baklava before and tried mine loved it and so do I! My Mom always said that the hardest part of making the baklava is cutting it. She usually makes it in a circle tray and it’s harder to make the ramb shape pieces. All the quilters can imagine it I am sure.
Here is my baked and surop baklava. I wish I could share it with you.
“Be Attitudes” is one of the New Year Projects I am gonna start this year. My mother-in-law got it for me and I just love it! I already started on the first block “Be warm”. Baby it’s cold outside…

I would like to join my blogging friend Myra in her PhD challenge. It is only 6 months and you get your PhD, sounds good?
Well, PhD means Projects Half Done. :))
Here is my list of PhD I would like to finish until June 30th 2010:
*Blue and Yellow Quilt
*The Coffee Quilt
*Foolish Goose Tracks
*My Sister’s Wedding Quilt
*Charity Quilt
*Surprise Table Runners
The list may look short to you but it’s a lot of work. Wish me luck and if you would like to join click here.
Have a Happy New Year!!!


  1. Micki said

    I love your snowsman quilt and the Be Attitude quilt sounds like fun.Enjoy all your projects!Micki

  2. Rochelle said

    I got the Be Attitude book for Christmas also. But I haven't started it yet. Can't wait to see yours.

  3. Domestic Designer said

    Looks like you have some great goals for the new year. It also looks like you have already been really busy. Love all of your projects and the food looks yummy!

  4. Maria said

    What a gorgeous Snowman quilt. OH the food looks sooooooooooo yummy.Your PhD quilts will keep you busy. Good Luck.hhtp://maria-lifeontheblock.blogspot.com

  5. Myra said

    Welcome to my PhD Challenge Zlaty! It will be great watching everyone's progress!Love your Be Attitudes pattern, but then I love Art to Heart Designs…Your photos of your goodies is making my mouth water… Mmmmmm…

  6. Jackie said

    Your baking looks just delicious! You're supposed to finish projects?! 🙂

  7. Millie said

    Hi zlaty, I like the Bee Attituede book and you have the new year all planned out. I love yellow and blue quits and I can't wait to see all your finished quilts. Thanks again for my PIF quilt and snowman panel.Happy New Year!Hugs,Millie

  8. Jackie said

    Great projects! But the baked goods take the cake… LOL! I just love coconut cream pie and mmmmmm… Baklava is a favorite too. Good luck with your PhD.

  9. andsewon said

    Oh my love the quilt and the planned one will be awesome too.Now I am so hungry for a sweet after all those pics!Best wishes on your PHD's!Lola

  10. Deborah said

    Great projects and goals! I'm sure you will meet them. Your baked goods look yummy!

  11. Tam said

    Zlaty, I love the snowman quilt!The Be Attitudes book is wonderful (I think I NEED that book too ;D)Good luck with your PHDsAll that baking looks SO yummy!

  12. hapsew said

    I just love your quilts, Zlaty. I must say that I was lucky enough to enjoy some of the New Years Eve treats. I really loved the Brunetty dessert! Yum! I wish I had a piece now.

  13. Blogless me said

    Happy New Year to you and your family!In my family the hardest thing when making baclava was trying to resist taking a small piece out while the syrup was still working its magic. As you surely know, this destroys the delicate balance and lets liquid drain from the other parts into the hole that forms. My mum let the baclava soak for at least a day – it felt like the longest day 😉

  14. Denise :) said

    Oh Zlaty, I'm so glad you aren't able to share your baked treats; I'd gain twenty pounds in no time! Good luck on your PhD list!! YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

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