Quilt Shops Hopping and Quilting!

Here is an update on out Eastern PA Shop-hopping.

This is the quilt at “Quilter’s Pallet” in Fleetwood, made out of the basket blocks. The quilter used wool for the appliqué flowers. It’s one of my favorite.

This is “Happy Sewing Room” quilt. I am a little bias when I say, this is one of my favorite quilt since I quilted it and my mother in law designed and piece the quilt. It was the second quilt I quilted on my New Joy Gold Standard frame.
Here is a close up of the quilt on the frame:

I think the leave design went perfect with the baskets!

This is “Allentown Sewing” quilt:
This hand quilted quilt was a door prize, but either of us, me or Heather didn’t win it.
The quilt was displayed at ”Wooden Bridge” and bellow is their sample that was hand quilted also.
I have few more quilt shops to show you! Till then………..Happy sewing!


  1. Maria said

    Take two!!!!!Wow all the quilts are just gorgeous.

  2. Jackie said

    Zlaty your quilting is fantastic! Are you marking the quilt, using pantographs or is this free form? Everything looks so smooth and perfect. Nice!

  3. Millie said

    What a happy posts, Zlaty. Quilt Shops, Quilts and Quilting. Thanks for the great show and tell. Your quilting is beautiful…you are doing so good and I hope you gave yourself 2 thumbs up.H2uMillie

  4. Zlaty said

    Hi Jackie,Thank you for your nice comment! I did use a pantograph. I do need more practice and to get more pantos!Happy sewing!Zlaty

  5. Tam said

    Your quilting is gorgeous and perfect Zlaty!! Well done!!Thanks for sharing all the other shop hop quilts too! Very nice!Hugs2u!

  6. Domestic Designer said

    Your quilting is perfection! Thanks for sharing the great pictures with us.

  7. Deborah said

    beautiful quilts!

  8. Myra said

    Great quilts! Love the applique in the first photo, and love the border in the one your quilted! Awesome job! 😎

  9. Patricia said

    The quilts are beautiful! I have always liked basket quilts and it is on my "ever growing" list of quilts I would like to make. Your quilting is also very well done!!! The tension looks perfect!! Do you use a longarm or your DSM? Have a great remainder of the week-end!

  10. Zlata said

    Hi! Accidentally found your blog. I really liked it! Beautiful and interesting! But the most interesting thing that we have with you not only the overall patchwork, quilt. It turns out that we are namesake – I also called Zlata.I would be glad to see you in my blog (http://klaptik-loskutok.blogspot.com/)

  11. Micki said

    The quilts are just wonderful! Zlaty, you do such wonderful work!Thanks for sharing!Micki

  12. Karen said

    I just finished going through all the basket quilt photos. Hard to choose my very favorite. Looks like a very good shop hop tour.

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