Life is Good ….Fall Easy Stripe Table Runners

I have a good news to share! I got my driving licence! Very excited for me, I went on my first driving trip to the grocery store by myself. I also got good news at the doctor’s office. I had to have a mammogram done and after all the worries the doctor think it’s just a swollen lymph node. It’s such a relief!
I found “Easy striped table runner”pattern designed by Karen Montgomery on a trip to Pittsburgh. We stopped at the “Quilt company” shop and the owner designs fabrics for Timeless Treasures, she design the pattern, too. I picked up these fabrics she designed.
I wanted to show you my fall table runners:

If you look carefully you will see that this table runner is different from the first picture one and the picture below. It’s the same fabric. Just by changing the way you cut the fabric it looks very different.

The pretty candle holder was a gift from my lovely hubby!

I love the pattern and I am addicted to it! I made couple of table runners already.

This is the back of the Fall table runner. I just love all the colors!
My friend Heather is learning to quilt, this is her first project and she did great job! We decided to exchange runners from our fabrics. You can always use more runners!
Happy sewing!


  1. Quilt Rat said

    Your Table runners look fabulous. great job on those mitered corners. Good news from the Dr. is always welcome and freedom of a drivers license…..what a great day

  2. Myra said

    A big congrats to you on getting your driver's license! Good for you! Now you are majorly independent!! 8-)Good news from the doctors! Excellent! 8-)Love, love, love the table runners! What a great pattern! Is that just one fabric being used?

  3. Contented Caroline said

    Good to hear that you're ok – and you passed your driving test – that's great news – now you can go shopping for fabric whenever you want!!! Lovely table runners by-the-way.

  4. Pat said

    Congratulations on getting your license and I"m glad to hear your doctor's opinion after he saw the mammogram. Your runners are lovely!

  5. GARI said

    I really like your table runners. And, congrats on your driver's license and dr. visit.

  6. Jackie said

    Very cute table runners. I need to learn to miter corners.Congrats on getting your DL!!!

  7. Millie said

    Zlaty, congratulations on getting your drivers license…girl, now you can go and have fun without asking DH to take you to places!Your table runners are gorgeous and you can have never too many of them. Your friend did such a nice job on her first quilting project…you are a great quilting teacher.

  8. Tam said

    Love the tablerunners Zlaty and now you have me making them too!! I just made 2, one as a Bday gift for Mom…thanks for sharing!!Great news about your license and especially great news about your mammogram!Heather is doing an excellent job with her sewing!Happy Stitching to you both.Hugs2u!

  9. AverettLadyNana said

    LOVE the table runners!!! That's great on getting your driver's license! Praying the mammogram confirms Drs. opinion.

  10. Serena said

    Awesome news from your doctor. I'm also happy you now are a free range woman! It'd be impossible to live in our area without being able to drive. We have no public transit. Tam said she's been busy making table runners like yours. I love them! They are beautiful. You're very talented!!

  11. Micki said

    The table runners are just wonderful and so colourful!Micki

  12. Millie said

    Now that you have your license, I am sure you are driving around town and have fun…it is nice not to ask DH to take you to places. Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Denise :) said

    Your table runners are wonderful! I love making table runners and toppers — they're almost like instant gratification! Congrats on the driver's license — have fun!Denise 🙂

  14. Barb on cape cod said

    I love your fall table runners, great job! Thank God your mammo was good, I know what a worry that can be! I also love your welcome quilt, it is beautiful!

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