Coffee Quilt and Squaring Tip

I have been working on my “Coffee quilt”. If you remember I blogged about it here and I see it’s been almost a year. Good things take time, right? 🙂

I made four more blocks to make the quilt longer. How do you like the new placement of the blocks? I used Sudoku game to help me to place the blocks. I tried not to have the same color twice in a row or column. As you see, I made tiny mistake, but I still like how all colors work together!

Here is one of the extra blocks still on the hoop on my Brother machine. Coffee to go anyone?

Here is a Squaring tip I promised. I saw on Pat’s blog that she saw tutorial here how to use a freezer paper to square up blocks that are a little smaller then the size you want them to be.

I ironed strips of freezer paper to the sides I needed a little extra.

Then you square up to the desired size.

I have to say that I didn’t like sewing with the freezing paper so used it mostly as a guide and removed it before sewing that seam. I always like to try new tips! My MIL did a great tutorial how to block a quilt block, hop there to check it out!

Here is a close up how my embroidery blocks turn out:

I added sashing and now I have to add borders. Stay tuned for the finished quilt!

Happy sewing!


  1. Brenda said

    I really like that quilt!!!! Excellant job!! And yes, good things do take time, and this one is definitlt worth your time!!!I like happy quilts, with bright happy colours – and this is a great project.

  2. Domestic Designer said

    Oh I just love it! I really love bright colors so this is just perfect!

  3. Denise :) said

    Pretty! And what a timely tip, too. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Quilter Kathy said

    Very cool! I could see this hanging at the local coffee shop in my town!

  5. Krista said

    Very nice! I was going to point out that you could swap the blocks in the upper right (swap orange & purple) to correct your tiny mistake. But I see now the quilt is all together. Looks great in any case, and unless you tell someone you tried to avoid duplicate colours in a row, no one is going to see it as a mistake.I love it!

  6. Millie said

    Zlaty, your coffee quilt is so cute. First I thaught you used prints, but then I noticed you have an embroidery machine. Lucky you! I love the black background behind the embroidery with the bright colors…very very nice layout too!

  7. Debbies-English-Treasures said

    I really like the bright colors that you choose.You must have a lot of patience, as I can tell that is a true labor of L.O.V.E!ENJOY LIFE`S SIMPLE TREASURES,DEBBIE MOSS

  8. Tam said

    VERY NICE Zlaty!!Great colors :-)Hugs

  9. Muddling Through said

    Your quilt looks great. I love all the bright colors, and of course the coffee!

  10. Quilt Hollow said

    I love coffee…mocha lattes to be exact! These little embroidered blocks are absolutely stunning!! Fantastic quilt!!

  11. Serena said

    I too love coffee!!! This quilt is just spectacular. The colors remind me of how I see the world after a good cup!

  12. Zlaty said

    Thank you for all your wonderful words about my quilt! I love to read the comments and to know who is visiting me. I am working on adding the border. I got an email asking me about the fabric and the design. The fabric is from a collection called Spill the Beans Swirls Collections by Barb Tourtillotte for Clothworks.Happy Sewing!Zlaty

  13. Micki said

    I love that quilt, as I do love coffee. Such wonderful colors you used.Micki

  14. Quilt Rat said

    Looks so great I have to go make myself a fresh,steaming, delicious cup of java

  15. Myra said

    Your blocks are looking great! Thanks for the link to your MIL's tip! 😎

  16. Barb T said

    I love to see what quilters do with my fabrics. This is beautiful – love the black sashing! Barb Tourtillotte

  17. Zlaty said

    Thank you Barb! I am so excited that the designer of the fabric stopped by my blog and liked my quilt!!!I saw you have a wine line, too. I have to look if I will find it!Zlaty

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