My homemade Design Wall

Here it is – my first design wall! I wanted one and my DH helped me build it. Thank you hubby!

I found this lovely tutorial on Karen’s blog. You can find the link to a Small Design wall here and for a Large one Here . Thank you Karen!

Here is how we made mine. We used 1/2” pipes, 2 x 90 degree elbow corners and 2 x T -shape pieces, pipe cutters and pencil for marking the pipes.

It is more easy then you think. I made my wall square, my husband cut 4 pieces of the pipe the same length – 36 ”. He used a pipe cutter.

Then you can assemble the frame with the 2 elbows and 2 T- shape pieces.

All the pieces he used are leftovers from a pluming job.

Now you need to sew the fabric. I used white felt. I made a sleeve and put the pipe trough it.

I cut the corner so I can sew the left sleeve. After I sewed the top and the left side I custom fitted the frame for a tight fit. I marked 2” from the pipe and pined it so I knew where to sew.

I used little stitches.

……. and Voila you have a Design wall!

The quilt on my Design wall is called “Triple Crown Quilt” by American Jane Patterns. I got the felt and the pattern at my MIL shop “Happy sewing room“.

Happy sewing!



  1. Sew Many Ways... said

    Hi Zlaty,This is just great. I love the sleeves for the pipes and how tight your fabric is. Thanks so much for linking to my blog too. I would love to show your wall on my blog…if it's ok, let me know.~Karen~

  2. Millie said

    Dear Zlaty!What a neat idea…and now we have 2 great tutorials! I was wondering what kind of fabric Karen was using. Thanks for sharing you used white felt. I am going to try to make one too. The blocks on your design wall is very pretty…I am wondering what you will show next time. Hugs,Millie

  3. Domestic Designer said

    This is just great! I am going to make one!

  4. Micki said

    This is a great idea for a design wall.Micki

  5. Stefanie said

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!Great idea and tutorial. Can't wait to see the finished quilt

  6. Tam said

    Oh Zlaty what a great idea thanks for sharing…I'm going to make one too!Love your quilt in progress :-)Hugs2U

  7. Jackie said

    I love the portable design wall! I may make myself one day if I get a room to call my own! Does the block just stick to the felt or do you have to pin?I'm loving the quilt on it….

  8. Patricia said

    DH AND you did a great job!!!! I'll have to give that a try!Love your blocks as well!Hugs!

  9. Laila said

    Love your design wall. Think I have to show this to my DH 🙂

  10. Millie said

    Welcome back home, Zlaty! I hope you had a good time and I am seeing forward to your next posting!Hugs,Millie

  11. TattingChic said

    Hi Zlaty, you are very clever!Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today! Come back and visit any time! :)~TattingChic ♥

  12. Myra said

    What a great design wall Zlaty!! Thanks for sharing the way you put it together! 8-)Love your blocks on the design wall!Happy stitchings!

  13. quiltzing said

    Hi Zlaty, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to focus on getting more quilty stuff finished and posted. You asked about marking on my "Love me, Love me knot". I have a long arm and I used a template for the circles. After the circles were in, I did the daisies free hand. I see you're from PA. What a beautiful state — so green, and rabbits everywhere! My daughter is in State College so I get up there several times a year. I'd move, but I think the cold would make my life miserable! Love your quilts and the design wall is great. It would be a great portable, snap apart wall to take here and there.

  14. Quilt Rat said

    This is absolutely terrific……..I am going to have to make one of those Thanks for all the great info and photos.

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