It’s Summer!

Going to the beach is one of my favorite summer activity! We went to Ocean city, NJ last weekend. There is a famous Bulgarian song that says: ” …and it smells like a sea …” I love the smell of the ocean!

What makes a walk on the boardwalk even more enjoyable? Maybe a stop at a quilt shop before that?
We found a quilt shop in Ocean city, I got these fabrics:

Don’t they say: It’s summer!?

Enjoy your summer!



  1. Domestic Designer said

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the fabrics! They definitely say Summer!

  2. Micki said

    I used to live in PA, and went to Ocean City and also to Atlantic City. How neat to see the pics! It looks like you all had a blast!Micki

  3. Notjustnat said

    I love those fabrics. Can you please tell us more about them? Name of the design etc. I am working on letters quilt and they will be perfect for it. Thanks very much in advance – Natima

  4. Tam said

    I love the ocean and spent many weekends along the NJ shore growing up. Looks like you had a great time and that fabric looks very "yummy"!!!Hugs2u!

  5. CathyJean said

    aahhh!! Love, love, love your RED fabric and Yes! the watermelon does say "summer"!Happy sewing 🙂

  6. Karen said

    Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for stopping by my blog! It looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach. I live in Pa also and have so many memories of summers spent at Ocean City and Wildwood. Have a great week.~Karen

  7. Karen E. Overton said

    I tend to forget that there are beaches other than the gulf coast (grin) and have to say that your boardwalk looks a lot more fun that our seawall in Galveston! Love the family photo!! Years ago I had a jumper made of watermelon fabric, your new prints remind me of those lost summer days! Can't wait to see how you work them into a new creation!

  8. Karen E. Overton said

    PS how do you get your logo or watermark on the photos?

  9. Serena said

    Looks like fun! Love the fabrics too!!

  10. Zlaty said

    Hi Karen,I sent you an email, but to answer your question I use Gimp to edit my pictures. My husband made the watermark and I just copy and paste it!Happy summer!

  11. Myra said

    I wish we lived by the ocean…to dream… 8-)What absolutely wonderful watermelon fabrics! Awesome!

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