More B-days….. and cake

I made a carrot cake with creme cheese frosting for my brother-in-law Bret’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Bret!

This was my first ever carrot cake. It was very moist and not too sweet. I used Alton’s brown recipe you can find here.

My DH helped me shred the carrots, look how pretty they look and the cake should be good for you too. Me and Scot decorated the cake and we went with the carrot theme 🙂



  1. Jackie said

    Carrot Cake SHOULD be good for you! Who do we have to talk to about that?

  2. Domestic Designer said

    It looks delicious! Have a great week!

  3. Millie said

    Zlaty, you made a delicious carrot cake…love the picture of the fresh shredded carrots.You and Scott defnitely did a great job decorating the cake too…love those carrots on the cake. Did you dye the frosting?

  4. Tam said

    YUMMY!!!!Thanks for the link to the recipe.The cake looks wonderful, good job!Hugs2u

  5. Myra said

    Yum! Lucky Bret! 😎

  6. Zlaty said

    Thank you girls for your comments!Jackie, I think the carrot cake is good for you, isn't it! :)Millie, yes you are right, we did dyed the frosting with food coloring. It's so much fun decorating!Zlaty

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