Garden pictures

It’s this time of the year, everything is blooming and I have been working in the garden. My friend Tammy asked me to share pictures of my garden.
Do you see my Violets I planed from seeds last year! I was surprised they showed up this year and they spread so nice! I love their colors!

These are some of the new flowers I got. Following my mother in-law advise I planted them in a container and then transfer them into the garden, because I can keep the soil moist easier in a container and plan better my garden! I hope you like this little tip! πŸ˜‰

There is always work in the garden but it’s worthy! I will share more photos soon! Stay tuned…



  1. Domestic Designer said

    Looks just lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Serena said

    Love your garden pics. Gardens make me so happy to look at and share.

  3. CathyJean said

    Your flowers are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’m missing gardening this year with a move in the near future.

  4. Tam said

    SO pretty Zlaty!…just love those little violets.Thanks so much for sharing and I’m truly looking forward to seeing more of your garden πŸ˜€ You’re truly a master quilter and gardener my friend!Hugs2u!Tam

  5. Myra said

    Looks great! Love those flowers you’ve got there!I used to garden. Start plants from seed. Flowers and vegetables. I haven’t done so in a very long time. I was looking forward to planting some shrubs and such this Spring, as the previous owners had very large and completely bare beds in the front yard. I’ve now chosen to wait as we may need to dig down around a good part of the house due to foundation problems… Cracks and leakage… 8-(Have a great week!

  6. Millie said

    I am so glad Tammy asked you to share some pictures of your garden. The flowers are so pretty and colorful…I think flowers and quilts makes us happy. Happy gardening and quilting!

  7. Patricia said

    Your plants look so healthy! I am really a “inside” girl who loves flowers. Since I can’t really afford to buy them, I am slowly turning into an “outside” girl—at least for flowers.Hugs!

  8. Quilt Hollow said

    Oh so pretty!

  9. Jackie said

    Your flowers are gorgeous! Are you cutting any of them to use inside? Fresh flowers always gives a room that special something!

  10. Notjustnat said

    Zlaty, such a nice name! I came to your blog via Serena's blog. What I like doing is checking out my friend blog list and visit new one every so often and your is very bright and happy blog.

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