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Would You Like To Win a Quilt Pattern?

My wonderful blogging friend Tammy is having a Giveaway!

She join me on the Pay it forward, but only 2 people sign up with her. She is so creative that she is doing a giveaway this pattern for her third pay it forward present!
I have to confess that I didn’t send any of my gifts, yet! There are sneak previews on her blog of the gifts Tammy sent. They look amazing! She is very talented! Go have a look and leave a comment to enter!

She is giving away this pattern!

Good luck with the giveaway!

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It’s Summer!

Going to the beach is one of my favorite summer activity! We went to Ocean city, NJ last weekend. There is a famous Bulgarian song that says: ” …and it smells like a sea …” I love the smell of the ocean!

What makes a walk on the boardwalk even more enjoyable? Maybe a stop at a quilt shop before that?
We found a quilt shop in Ocean city, I got these fabrics:

Don’t they say: It’s summer!?

Enjoy your summer!

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Garden pictures

It’s this time of the year, everything is blooming and I have been working in the garden. My friend Tammy asked me to share pictures of my garden.
Do you see my Violets I planed from seeds last year! I was surprised they showed up this year and they spread so nice! I love their colors!

These are some of the new flowers I got. Following my mother in-law advise I planted them in a container and then transfer them into the garden, because I can keep the soil moist easier in a container and plan better my garden! I hope you like this little tip! 😉

There is always work in the garden but it’s worthy! I will share more photos soon! Stay tuned…

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More B-days….. and cake

I made a carrot cake with creme cheese frosting for my brother-in-law Bret’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Bret!

This was my first ever carrot cake. It was very moist and not too sweet. I used Alton’s brown recipe you can find here.

My DH helped me shred the carrots, look how pretty they look and the cake should be good for you too. Me and Scot decorated the cake and we went with the carrot theme 🙂

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