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Happy B-day Kathy!

I would like to wish a very Happy B-day to my blogging friend Kathleen!

She design this purple scrap quilt in EQ6 and very generously offer to email the pattern to the people that have EQ6, go visit her lovely blog and write her an email! Don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Happy sewing!

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The real winner for me at Celebrity Apprentice!!!

Have you watched Celebrity Apprentice? We started watching it this season and the finale was tonight! I was shocked that Joan Rivers won over Annie Duke!!!?

Annie raised 3 times more money for her charity at the final show and many more during the season! Joan was calling her nasty names and I just can’t believe it!

Maybe Joan is “the Apprentice”, but Annie is the Master!!!!!

Good Job Annie Duke!

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I won fabrics….fabrics, more fabrics :)

I won gift certificate for “Pink Chalk Fabrics”! They were one of the sponsors of the Bloggers Quilt Festival! I was very surprised. This is my first winning on-line! You might of guested by now that I bought fabrics with my gift certificate.

This fabric is Mod girls “Nicole” by Jennifer Paganelli ! I just love all the colors!

I had a lot of FUN browsing through Pink Chalk fabrics website. I got the package very fast and the I am very excited and have projects in mind for the fabric!
Thank you Amy for having the Bloggers Quilt Festival and Kathy from the shop for the gift certificate and fast shipping. If you love contemporary fabrics you should check her shop.

These ones are Daisy Chain by Amy Buttler. I think I might have to make a bag with them!

While I am on a fabric subject, I have to show you the fabrics my husband brought me back from a trip to Chicago. As my friend Millie said “That is the most romantic thing!”.
I agree! 🙂

Sorry, but that was not all the new fabric I got. He also got me this cute fabrics from a trip to Maryland. He has a good taste! 🙂 Lucky me!

Now, back to sewing! 🙂
Happy sewing!!!

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