Welcome to our Living Room

I wanted to share how my “Pineapple Welcome Quilt” looks on the wall in the living room!
I think this quilt belongs there! It does look so natural on the “Pumpkin Burst” color on the wall.

Thank you to my hubby for hang it! He likes it too! He is on a business trip to Chicago and I miss him!

I hope my guests will feel very Welcome with that quilt on the wall!



  1. Mrs. Goodneedle said

    I’d say it was made to order, well done! It is most welcoming.

  2. Robin said

    It is so beautiful!!! I love that color on your wall, too!

  3. andsewon said

    Yes a very yummy looking wall!!Yes goes with your wall color very well!

  4. MYRA said

    Love the welcome quilt and it looks great on your wall color! 😎

  5. Millie said

    Zlaty, the welcome pineapple quilt is perfect on your yummy wall. All the quest in your home can just feel warm and welcome. A little bird told me you are going to get new fabric. Enjoy!

  6. Domestic Designer said

    It looks great on your wall! You did a wonderful job. Like your wall color. Have a great day!

  7. Tam said

    Hi Zlaty!What a lovely cozy living room and a very pretty, quilted welcome to match it so well. Well done!Hugs2U!

  8. Doina Muresan said

    I like your welcome pineapple quilt and all your creations.

  9. Stephanie D. said

    That looks great on the wall! What a great wall-hanging!

  10. Contented Caroline said

    Looks lovey Zlaty and with such a warming colour as a background. Well done.

  11. Serena said

    I love the pineapple….a culinary invitation into your dwelling is just a wonderful idea! I also love that you won one of the fabrics in the drawing….I am very partial to your orange and green creation….Great work and thanks for coming to visit my blog. 🙂

  12. clare's craftroom said

    I love the colours , so happy !

  13. Quiltsmiles said

    Beautiful Welcome wall hanging, Love the colors and the symbology of the pineapple. Beautiful! Ohhh.. that reminds me, I appliqued and did alot of embroidery stitching for a pineapple wallhanging, I’ll have to dig that block out and start the pineapple blocks that I want to incoroprate into it. Jane

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