Wedding Quilt and Bedroom Curtains

I made curtains for my bedroom. My mom send me this lace fabric, but I didn’t get around to sew them until now.

When we moved to this house I made curtains for the living room, kitchen, my sewing room and now the bedroom. The bedroom took a major renovation. It had a pink carpet and pink stripe wallpaper that was kind a cute, but the hubby didn’t like it :). So we had to strip the wall paper, and we got a new carpet and we paint it. Thanks to our friends Chuck, Heather and Bret for their help! My hubby let me pick the colors and I love them. It has a two different colors on the opposite walls. Here is a picture of the quilt on our bed now:

I started this quilt before our wedding. The fabric was a gift from my mother-in-law. She helped me pick the fabric, but my color choices were based on my favorite color green and my husband’s orange. They go together so nice! :)) What is on your bed?

Happy Sewing!



  1. Millie said

    Zlaty, it looks like my comment did not go through. So I am trying again. The curtains makes the room so warm and comfy. Job well done on your wedding quilt. The colors are so bright and cheerful. The orange realy stands out.

  2. Quiltldy said

    Love the wedding quilt! Really beautiful! You did a fantastic job!

  3. Karen E. Overton said

    My kind of bright colors!! Thanks for sharing. Know it is special to finally get that one finished and on your bed. I may have to take you up on the “what’s on your bed” thought…that might be a good topic for my next post.

  4. Karen E. Overton said

    Okay girlfriend, you started something! Come over and visit my blog and see the “Sew What’s on Your Bed” post — sending out a challenge to all quilts to share what’s on YOUR bed!!

  5. Zlaty said

    Thank you Karen for posting what is on your bed! I love your purple quilt! You are brave and show what is under your quilt too! Come on friends, show what is on your bed!Zlaty

  6. Kucki68 said

    Your wedding quilt turned out really lovely!

  7. Zlaty said

    Millie has also posted on her blog what is on her bed! Thank you everyone for sharing what is on you bed!

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