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First Snow

The first snow is here in PA. It’s snowed a bit yesterday and I did not think it will last. This morning Scot showed me this cute bunny in our backyard, so I had to take a few pictures.
If you click on the picture you will see the bunny at the bottom of the tree.

I hope my friend Millie can retrieve her blog.

Last night I ironed all the fabric for my sister Rosy’s quilt, now I can start working on it 🙂


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What I am up to….

I think I am addicting to blogging! :)) Are you guys the same way? I like
to share my thoughts and I meet wonderful people on line 🙂 Thank you for your support my friends!

I am very very happy how my “Chelsea Morning Quilt” or as I call it my “Blue and Yellow Quilt” is coming along. I collected different blues and yellows because I though it would be pretty combination. There are so many different blues that they don’t go together, but I did my best! Then I saw the perfect pattern in a book my mother in law showed me and she got it for me! Thanks Mom! 🙂 The book is: ” Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts” by Linda Milligan & Nancy Smith. It’s a great book and the other project look fun, too.
This is part of the top … and as I always do I am putting my touch on the quilt by changing the border …… 😉

If you were wondering this are pumpkins from my own garden…’s a long story, but if you want to know……. I didn’t plant pumpkins. Surprised? They grow on their own 🙂
We bought this house last Fall from my sister in law family. They droped a pumkin in front of the house,they love haloween and even my oldest nephew is born on the holiday.
We had pumkins in the front last year :)) So in the Spring me and Scot moved the stones from the front behind the garage and we even sprinkle chemicals so we don’t get weeds. We were very surprised when we saw pumkins growing!

I made some Chocolate Chip cookies from a recipe I got from Mom mom. Everybody loved them! I baked them on silicon mats that worked great – and as you see they are green, so I had to show you the picture 😉Finaly, I did fold ”some” of my fabrics. I think my stash looks smaller this way 🙂 I got inspired by my friend Liza , I saw how neat she has all her fabrics.
This is my fabric cabinet that I raised so I can use it to cut fabric! It was upstairs in my sewing studio, but I like being downstairs with Scot so now I have a sewing corner downstairs too. I know, I am lucky!

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Trip to MA

I was pretty busy lately, but isn’t it everybody! Last week I went with Scot on a business trip to Massachusetts and the colors on nature were amazing driving through New England. More north we went you could see some bare trees, but most of the trees still had their leaves changing colors!

We pass through few states: from Pennsylvania we went through New york and Connecticut to get to Massachusetts. On the way back we hit some really heavy traffic in New York so next time we will go around it!
The beauty of travel is that I get to visit new quilt shops and they are all unique! The First one was right off the high way and very easy to find is called “Emma’s Quilt Cupboard”. It’s a big shop with lots of different lines of fabrics and lots of books and patterns. They have a unique system where they enter your info into a computer and every time you shop you collect points and I think when you spend $150 they send you a gift card. They offer a lot of classes and they had lots of samples in the store. I got some 1930’s fabrics and few other fabrics I will show you later. When I got home I received a Thank You card from them! Very thoughtful!

The second quilt shop we stopped at is “Heartbeat Quilts” in Hyannis on a beautiful Cape Cod and they had a lots of original patterns and lots of fabric! Beautiful shop and you can see even outside they have paintings on the walls. They had a lot of samples and think their big thing is that they have lots of kits and original light houses patterns. They have a “stash room” where all the fabric was $4.99 so I got “few yards” 🙂

I am happy I got to visit my cousin Irina in Cape Cod. We grew up together in the same house. Her husband Rosen took us to the beach and I got some sand for a decoration project for my sewing room 🙂

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Congratulations On Your Engagement Rossy and Angel!

My sister Rossy got engaged this weekend to her boyfriend Angel! They live far away in Bulgaria and thanks to the internet that we can talk and chat so it does not feel too far away!
Me and Scot wish you both the most wonderful times together!
Congratulations Rossy and Angel!

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