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Bulgarian Desert Triguni "Mariana"

I made this Bulgarian desert “Triguni” – triangels for our anniversary. I got the recipe few years ago from my cousin Mariana. It was very tasty and easy to make desert.
The filling ingredients are:
2 eggs,
8 tbsp. sugar,
2 tbsp. flour,
1/4 tbsp. baking powder,
about 1 cup of choped walnuts,
2 tbsp. melted butter.
Combine everything together and you have a cake like mixture.
This is how the filling looks like. 🙂

I used half of one box of filo dough that had two packets inside. You start assembling individual pockets or triangles, using 2 sheets filo at a time, fill with about 2 tbsp mixture in each one. Lithely butter on top with melted butter and bake till golden brown in 350 F. They look like that when they are done baking:

Let it cool! Step away 🙂 ! Now make the surop: 1 liter of water and 2 cups of sugar. Boil it and when the sugar disolve you can poor it over the cold pastry. Let it soak all the surop! After it cools off move them into in the fridge and enjoy! Priaten Apetit!


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Quilt fabric shoping in Phily…

We went down to Phily to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we had to stop at the “Spool” fabric store and see what I got 🙂

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Blue and Pink ………Sunset

Me, Scot and Bret went for a walk few day ago. I saw this beautiful blue sky and pink clouds and I said: “I wish I have my camera” then I saw Scot taking the camera out of his pocket 🙂

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Our Wedding Anniversary

I was surprised how many people remembered our Wedding Anniversary! Thank you all! It was very thoughtful of you! We had a very nice day! I woke up and the first thing in the morning I got was Scot’s card – two birds kissing – very sweet! I surprised him by getting him a book he wanted. It’s funny because I got the book while we were shopping together but he didn’t see me buying it. 🙂

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Autumn Quilt

I am proud and happy I finished the Autumn Quilt! It has a great contrast against the Pumpkin Burst paint color:)!
I didn’t post for awhile about my sewing projects, but I have been sewing a lot! I am working on “My Blue and Yellow quilt” and my “Pineapple Welcome Quilt” – done in lovely batiks!
Also I started my autumn cleaning. I went through the kitchen and bathroom. A little tip: next time you switch your toothbrush, don’t trow it away. At least not right away 😉 you can use it to scrape this hard to clean places like corners. Next I want to wash the windows and curtains. Step by step … I will get it done!

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After Tropical Storm Hanna…

I enjoyed the lovely bouquet I made from the yellow dahlias. After the storm there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky…

The dahlia blooms were too big and heavy after the wind and rain from tropical storm Hanna. Scot helped me to pick it up but they were too heavy and broke. I hope that they will come up next year!

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Warning: Do not look, if hungry!

These are some photos from a visit to a Bulgarian restaurant “Avantgarde” in Chicago, IL. I found the address on the web, looking for the famous “Mario Cafe”. I guess they renovated it and it has a new name now :). It felt like I am in a Bulgaria. They had a Bulgarian menu, so I had to ask for an English one for Scot. We have a very good bread in Bulgaria as you see. 🙂 The traditional bread you buy every day. It has a crusty skin and soft inside. Mmmm – delicious!

These is a traditional meatball soup, like a Italian wedding soup but it’s creamy. And of course Coke in a bottle, served with a glass, just like in Bulgaria. Since it’s cold we do not add ice 😉
This is “Pileshko Vreteno” – it’s made on the grill, chicken breast stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and pickles. Scot loved it. The fries usually come with grated feta cheese on top, but Scot decided against that.
“Meshana Skara” is usually a feast of: kufte”-meatball,” kebabche”- log shaped meatball, “shishche”-kebob and a pork chop. For side I am having a very popular in Bulgaria “shopska salata”- salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted pepers and toped with grated feta cheese. The salad dressing is served on the table so you put as much as you wish and it’s simple oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.
It was a fun experience for us! I knew that Chicago has the biggest colony of Bulgarians in USA around 30 000, but I was surprised to see that they had a small Bulgarian district of a Bulgarian Pharmacy – “Apteka”, a wedding dress shop and the restaurant. I got a free issue of Bulgarian newspaper and I found out that there are more Bulgarian restaurants in the aria.
I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂 , we enjoyed the food :)) !

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