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Coffee Cup

I made this embroidery coffee cup today!

It came out so pretty! My machine, with my help did excellent job! It is a part of a bigger project, but I am still working on the design 😉


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Bitty Buterfly Baskets

It has been raining last few days, so I could not work in the garden. It give me a chance to do more sewing. I started a very prety wall hanging called “Bitty Butterfly Baskets” – original Happy Sewing Room pattern.

Thank you Mom for showing me how to do paper piecing! I found out that is very fun and I enjoy paper piecing 🙂
Here is how the pattern looks! Pretty!

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New Summer Fabrics

I got this fresh summer fabrics from Happy Sewing Room!
Aren’t they lovely! I feel inspired to use them in a project!

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Countdown….Less then Two Weeks To The premier of "Sex in The City"

Less then Two Weeks To The premier of “Sex in The City” in USA…that’s right it’s coming May 30th ! I can’t wait! I am a big fan of the series. I like all the characters Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker, Charlotte Kristin Davis, MirandaCynthia Nixon and Samantha Kim Cattrall. And of course I like all the male actors 🙂 Harry – Evan Handler, Steve – David Eigenberg, “Smith” Jarrod – Jason Lewis and of course Mr. Big – who doesn’t like Mr. BIGChris Noth.
I love all the fashion in the movie.
I heard a rumor that a character dies in the movie. First it was Mr. Big , then Charlotte dies in a weird tennis accident, today I saw that it is Samantha. I hope nobody dies! I like all of them!

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Acai Juice

Scot spotted this Acai Juice made of wild berries from the Brazilian rain forest. We like to try new foods and drinks, so we gave it a try. The bottle says it contains more disease fighting antioxidants then any other fruit, more than pomegranates and blueberries. Sounds good, right? …..well, If you like the taste of sugary vinegar you may enjoy the juice or if you are willing to drink it for the health benefits. We are not going to try it again.

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Post stamps

I want to remind everybody that the price of the post stamps went up 1 cent today. The regular postage stamp is being raised to 42 cents! So keep in mind when you pay your utility bills or send a Birthday card to your friend 😉

I don’t know why they needed to raise the price, since they raised it up last year! In 2006, prices increased from 36 to 39 cents, then to 41 cent last year. Are they thinking if they keep raising the price 1 -2 cents we won’t notice? Even the increase is not big it’s annoying to go buy a 1 cents stamps. I still have 39 cents stamps! Yes! I do. Maybe the reason for this increase is that more and more people pay their bills on line? Well, me too! It’s easy, the money get there in 2 -3 days, I can save a copy of the payment on my computer and it saves me a post stamp and check!
What do you think of this raise?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Me and Scot try to invite his Mom for diner for Mother’s Day, but she was going away, so we took her on a trip to Lancaster last Tuesday. We stopped at A.C. Moore and did some fun shopping which include storage boxes :). Me and Mom end up buying the same style – the one she picked! 🙂
The weather was beautiful so on the way back we stopped at Sonic for ice cream. We’ve never been at Sonic before so it was an adventure. I like that they brought our order on a tray-very European!
We also got a pretty frame with words describing Mom’s qualities. I hope she really like it! It is in purples and looking very country and antique!
I talked to my Mom in Bulgaria. We don’t have Mother’s Day. We celebrate Women’s Day on March 8th every year! But she was happy to talk to me!
I hope all Mom’s enjoy this picture of tulips from my garden! I can’t take credit for them. The previous owners of our house plant them.

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